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Have you ever gone on hard mode and had a huge battle with your Hearthlings against a goblin camp Many have died and you want the area to be forever remembered in the glory that was that battle, i sure as heck do!
A simple sword memorial in my eyes would just make a battle site last longer than their sword entities, since they are reusable and it would look a lot cooler than tombstones left behind as they are too civil and not as awesome as the spectacle was when there was the swords laid were all the fallen had perished.
A battle like this went down were 15 lvl1 combat Hearthlings laid down their lives to protect the Western Falklands! (A save of mine) in a forest not far from the capital city which i want to forever memorialize exactly as it looks with the swords sparkling all throughout the forest as simple as the sword entities themselves either an option to change the grave stone marker to the sword memorial or an ability to craft a small sword statue the size of the tombstones that i can put in their places to mark where each perished and add character and lore to my world.
Heck whilst were on that subject how 'bout having a small/medium/large plaque rather than keeping all the tombstones you can put most of the names onto that to save space (just craft tombstones together) and then add tiers… oh, I wish could go on but my imagination would wall of text so large the internet would break with its magnitude, so enjoy but a fraction of my ideas on this one topic and hope everyone else can +1 to this idea.

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I agree, it would be really cool to be able to have the mason craft memorial markers to commemorate giant battles or decisive (or even pyrrhic) victories. In the meantime, you could design a statue yourself using the slab tool, and collect all your gravestones into a graveyard where your hearthlings can go and mourn privately. (However they don’t actually do this - I think)

I mostly mourn when my level 6 crafters perish unexpectedly and i go to my cemetery where i laid them to rest and mourn for them… a lot! With regards to using the slab tool i thought about that for the meantime but the gravestone markers would do better for now i think since they are small i mean 1-2 slabs would be the height of the sword entity so not much detailing there to be done plus i would like to remember their names and who died where so if the idea makes it in i will have the coolest forest memorial ever! I enjoy memorializing everyone that perishes in the coolest of ways like on the subject of max level crafters having a statue depicted around a specific craft i.e. blacksmith looking character as this was the most recent loss for me. Oh it crushes me every time i look at her gravestone, the best darn blacksmith there ever was! Not to mention she was almost flawless in stats! 6 mind, 6 body and 4 spirit.

Here is one I was working on.


This one is for a fallen Hero, the flowers and rose were left by their grieving lover. sad and Macabre.

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I would simply like to see their name, level, and or class. Worker would do.

something more like this

simple_gravestone.qb (843.8 KB)

Here is the previous one
heroes_grave_stone.qb (137.2 KB)

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