Cemeteries, Tombs, Crypts

This is a question regarding whether we will be able to bury our fallen villagers/dwarves in cemeteries. I’d also like to expand this to tombs and crypts. Moreover, I think this would have a more entertaining gameplay feature such that if you did not sufficiently appease the dead (festivals, visits, offerings, etc.) then they would rise from their tombs and attack the living. :slight_smile:
Anyway, Just wondering what other people’s thoughts on this feature were and if they’d be interested in helping mod it into the game if the devs don’t put it in the release!

Hey there :slight_smile:

There’s already quite a discussion surrounding what should happen to the dead which can be found [urlhttp://discourse.stonehearth.net/t/dark-subject-what-happens-to-dead-people/592] here [/url].

In regards to the dead coming back, the devs have mentioned the possibility of a zombie apocalypse as a potential game ending event - it would seem that you are able to revive your fallen, but there is a potential chance that they come back as a zombie.

Anyway, head over to that thread for what everyone is thinking and feeling regarding death and how to deal with death!