Talks about being able to bring back dead characters


I know they’ve talked about it - and I just wanted to state my opinion and get others on the matter for them to see…

I think that if they found a way to make it VERY costly to bring back a person - then this would be acceptable. I would be able to give a example, but the games not even close to complete. This should be a hard choice and ya’ shouldn’t be able to bring everyone back.

On top of that if would be great to see graveyards of the passed away - after battle the people that are left start to gather the dead and put them to rest - or ya’ could get even deeper and perhaps have a undertaker - and if you don’t have one your city stands a chance to get haunted by lost souls…

Oh man I can’t wait to start modding this thing…

Either way what’a ya guys think in regards to bringing people back?

Short and sweet my answer is yes, but make it COSTLY for sure.


I personally would LOVE to see an option to build some sort of church building that would work as a graveyard and provide “magic” units. When you put a dead unit in the graveyard you boost your towns moral alit (vs just letting the dead lay were they are). And if you upgrade you castle and “priest” unit all the way you can resurrect people who are put into the graves and yes it would be expensive but maybe not as much a retraining a new magma smith ext.


It should be more expensive to bring him back, and you should get slightly de-buffed gear on him, like -5% armor rating or something, but you would keep all of the experience points and wouldn’t go through the hassle of reassigning everything. And maybe other bonuses, like added base health or magic resistance, or possibly lowering the chance of being raided, ie a “fear/infamy” mechanic.