Summoning the Undead


Hi there!

I wanted to ask if I’ll be able to use necromancy to summon some of the weaker undead units (normal skeleton or skeleton archer / no high-level stuff like a lich-king) or any other invocation magic.
What kind of creatures /stuff would you like to summon / create with magic (like the golems of the geomancer)? And what about the upkeep of those units / things (like brains for the zombies)?

Necromancy **yet another mod idea i have**

there will be skeletons and zombies (we’ve seen the models - which somehow manage to look cute, in an undead sort of way), and we’ve heard references to necromancy… so i am betting some form of summoning + the undead is in the cards… :smiley:

  1. Maybe this could also be a link to the discussed god powers. Worshiping the god of death (or his demonic antagonist) could be a possibility to get this power. What about summoning them after some of your troops died in battle?
  2. What do you think:
    Should these summoned monsters only life for a short period of time (maybe around 120 sec. for one battle) or without a time limit, but with an upkeep (magic points, brains, whatever)?
    I would love to have my undead army that protects my city of necromancers and black magicians :smiley:


This isn’t an exact response to your question, but I think it’s relevant enough to put it in!

In the recent livestreams they’ve hinted at the potential for a game ending zombie apocalypse event. This was linked to reviving dead units etc.

It seemed that you would be able to revive dead units but there is the potential that it doesn’t work and you raise them as zombies, and thus begins a potential zombie outbreak.


I’m sincerely rooting for Necromancers in the game. I love the idea of necromancy in fantasy games (along with tons of other people) and I hope the devs can find a place for this class in Stonehearth. :wink:


What about using the “good” power of the god to defeat those armies or to calm them down and the demonic power to summon the brainless zombie squad and their friends.


I don’t think there will be gods in the game, or at least not in the way you are describing - i.e. this god has this power, and this god has this power, and you choose which to worship to gain their benefits.


I’d like the necromancer to be like the one from diablo 2, he can raise one zombie/skelebob at first which fights for him, then as he gets stronger can raise upto 10 and that they last till they’re killed, he would be a great in battle tipper when he just strolls upto a pile of dead and poof 10 more troops get up and cause havoc, also with a graveyard idea the normal populace could hate him if he goes about using the graveyards corpses and your minions corpses and eventually mob up on him, then as he dies the zombie apocalypse starts


But how can I stop that apocalypse (okay, normally this would be unstoppable) ? Because if I loose the whole game every time I make a little mistake (or my necromancer) that would be a little bit … too much. What about raging ghosts of ancestors that fight against you until you calm them down (sacrifice some stuff / build a bigger graveyard / whatever) or until they killed all black wizards and tons of soldiers in your town?


Hmmm I like the idea very much!
I would also love to see some kind of ritualist who could do it with ghosts instead of skellys, but that is moddable ofcourse haha :smiley: :wink:


suppose it could just cause the graves in the graveyard to start getting up and slowly make say 30 zombies/skellys so that you can still kill them. ooo ghosts are a good idea especially as a scout unit that can just wander through an enemies base and scare the bjesus out of there civilians


I had this random idea the other day for there to be an alternate plane filled with undead. The plane is basically an old English city type area where only undead people live there. It isn’t a hardcore place but actually civilized. When an undead creature is criminal they are kicked out into your plane. Maybe the civilized ones can be separated by their nice clothes and well mannered appearance. Maybe the bad ones just have crumby old worn pants or something. Just a thought to putting the undead more into being a “faction” rather than being an ad-on.


@HSTF I think that would be a really cool alternate dimension.


@HSTF that is a really cool idea for a plane