Necromancy **yet another mod idea i have**

Tired of hauling stuff? Need things moved? Not many workers to keep things sorted?

My friend sounds like you need slaves…i mean umm Golems! yes Golems!

yes that’s right, with a little magic and some less than useful brain cells u can make your self so handy dandy golem workers. to move that stuff around!

now now don’t fret about the use of dark necromancy magic, its FINE (Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional).

these guys will improve you city functionality in no time^ at all, all u have to do is collect the useless brains of zombies and put them to good use. by combining them with less life like materials, the first one u can start with would be the “scarecrow” using a pumpkin and some wheat u can have this guy moving food around all day, with no need to sleep.

whats that you say, your being attacked, and u want to defend your self?! my good sir you must invest in this sort of thing, death (for some at least) is just the beginning of life, you should raise your enemies to fight for YOU! yes that’s right again just use some perfectly safe^^ powerful magic and some gold “offerings” and raise your new army of the dead to fight for you. do care for these guys though, as the sun can get a bit hot. :smiley:
^0-9001 days give or take a century
^^ subject to undisclosed rules

have fun and pictures soon i hope.


Just gonna slip this in right here, not quite zombie slaves but ya know :slight_smile:

The Geomancer was the $320,000 stretch goal:

"New Class - Geomancer: Manipulate rock and stone to bolster your city’s builders, flattening or raising earth as the cause demands. Craft tireless golem workers so everyone else can take a much needed break.

She put green lights in their empty eyesockets–a fanciful touch, but she felt it gave them character. Now, she checked each rune for dust, noted every crack for the touchups she’d handle tomorrow. Powered them off, one by one. Slowly, lights dimmed to black. “Good job, guys! Finished the whole square in just two days!” She dusted her hands, patted each fondly on the head, and shut the warehouse door.

In the dark, one pair of eyes swirled back to life."


i did see that and i see them as an earth mage , but it might be similar, im not gona work on the full idea until we get more information on what is in the game. here is a model of the scarecrow, (for now) it might change later on, but i think people will like it once its developed

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For some reason when I read the title I thought about a tower defence mod where you have to defend your city from zombies.

Zombie sheep.


the neck and head look very off putting to me.

TBH i have to agree, i will work on it some more. any details specifically? or is it just the shape?
edit: any better?

edit2: worked on some variant heads.

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just going to toss in a few bits and pieces here:

Can we raise the dead?

Yes …it has to make it in, we don’t know how, but it has to make it in. There will be some way, you might not like it. Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse starts … maybe the penalty for losing someone is that you have to ‘res’ them, and ‘ressing’ them too often could turn them into a zombie … zombie apocalypse should be a way to lose the game

if that’s the case and they do indeed add in a way to raise the dead them selves then 'im all for it, i want to see what they produce first, and then add to it from there. basically i’m just expressing my interest in this area, and looking for others who are in to the slave trade business :wink: content wise i’m sure no mods can b 100% with what they want to add as they don’t know what radiant will add them selves.