Bring Hearthlings Across Saves?

I wasn’t sure if this should go in Development, Suggestions, Modding, Support or Gameplay. So I’ll just put it in General.

Basically, I’m curious if there is, if there will be, or if a mod can be made for; the transferring of a (or some) Hearthling(s) from one save file to another. If not, then I’d like to suggest the idea and get feedback on it. Perhaps an ability to save a preset Hearthling in a game and import them on the Embark screen later on. I know the randomization of perks and stats is part of the core gameplay experience, but I think a game like this deserves a bit more on the “Creative” side for players that are less interested in the regular experience.
I’ve grown quite attached to many a Hearthling, only for them to one day disappear when a particular mod or biome no longer suits me or a save-breaking bug forces me to abandon a settlement. I’ve figured how to use the debug tools to modify stats and perks of Hearthlings in a game, but doing all of that and then renaming and changing the appearance of a Hearthling already in a save to match an old Hearthling is quite a dreadful experience.

Hey @Naevera, have you tried the unstable branch? This is already implemented since a while ago.

At the end of the town progression there’s a reembarkation encounter, in which you can select up to 3 hearthlings and up to 10 items, which will be saved in an external file, and depart from your savefile. Next time you are in the roster screen when starting a game, you can choose them as part of your starting hearthlings :slightly_smiling_face:


Whoa holy cow. I always end up nuking my saves before I get that far, I never knew. I like it! However, ending town progression is a pretty tall order regardless, so I’m still interested in another method. But that’ll definitely encourage me to stick with a save longer, thanks for the tip.

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