Save favorite roster friends


I have kind of a complaint which I want to turn into a suggestion :smiley:

As soon as the traits were implemented, I have had my favorite combinations of personality, look and name for multiple hearthlings. Which is fine, right? It’s supposed to make us feel like we are creating a real story with real people, who have their own good and bad sides. But then the bugs came… As the alphas are developing, buildings breaking and of course, mods evolving, I would have to restart the game frequently. But I liked my previous roster! The hearthlings weren’t great, no max stats, but I had my favorites with whom I wanted to build a long story with. So I would resort to rerolling a hearthling for minutes, until I found the correct combination of traits to again recreate my favorite character.

I suggest to have the option of favoriting a hearthling to have them at your disposal when selecting a new roster. They don’t need to remember their jobs or anything, I mean just the raw basic character when you are creating them. Of course, it might be easy to cheat that way, just save the hearthlings with monster stats and reuse them again and again in every game, but you know what? If somebody wants to do that, let them. Maybe they enjoy this low key “god mode” as a playstyle option.

I mean… I want to have back my burly, bald redhead guy with a beard, whose traits are that he dreams of becoming a trapper and is a loner… Because his quote is: “I’ve always wanted to murder small animals.” Oh, and his name is Godda Get’em. Yeah… The save broke and I couldn’t build anything anymore. Miss 'im…