Is there anything special on the backend for reembarkation?

Or can we just use the same sort of methods used in new_game_call_handler.lua to store/query/load arbitrary data outside of a specific game that’s stored in a better way (for larger data) than settings in user_settings.json?

Re-embarkation is pure Lua, so yes, you should be able to read/write arbitrary JSON the same way.

So @paulthegreat am I reading into this stuff like heartling “stats” for a lack of a better word could be logged to a file? Like the discussion I had with dani amount of times a hearthling had gone down, for instance?

That’s something that could easily be saved within a game and may not make sense to save outside of the game, since the hearthling (with their current stats) is tied to a particular game. This would be for if you wanted a record of every hearthling that ever existed in any save that was accessible to any game.

Or, for my purposes, extra information about the towns you’ve embarked from, at the point of embarkation, to allow for quests and trading to feel connected between your current town and where you’ve really established yourself in the past, in a way that could even be referenced within those original saves when you reload them, or in some larger “global” view outside the games.