Reembark into überhod

I’ve been playing a series of games where I rushed through to reembarkation just to unlock all recepies for my “real” playtrough. I brough the same 3 people through all the games, and now they have som exceptional stats…
It turns out if you select the hearth that gives all hearthlings +1 to all three stats it actualy gives a permanent +1 and not just for the current game. So reembarking over and over again while allways choosing that hearth and keeping the same individuals can create some monster stats.

Bug or feature?


originally unintended feature, but after player feedback, they decided to keep it rather than fix the oversight which led to this feature.

I agree with that call though – it creates a great sense of narrative where you watch certain hearthlings grow into legends as they move from town to town, helping each settlement fight off would-be overlords and forging friendships with the other clans (e.g. Rabbit and Orc clans), and teaching towns how to survive in the wilderness…

I like the idea of creating an “RPG adventuring party” this way – say a Knight, a Cleric and some kind of crafter (or perhaps an Archer if you want to focus on their status as a band of legendary heroes), which visits every biome and learns about the different cultures of Hearth before returning “home” (a new settlement near the town they originally gathered in) with some really choice starting equipment… of course with the high military score and town worth you’d start with it would truly be an epic campaign to set up this settlement (bonus points for doing at least the last settlement on hard mode), and then at the end you could take on the Titan quest as a fitting boss-fight for the campaign. I suppose the ultimate way to do it would be to start with 3 Ascendancy characters (the Knight and, say, 2 crafters), go North to the Valkyrie Tundra with an NA game and swap one of the crafters for an NA Archer (who will be able to hunt in future towns), and then head back South to the Pal’Mun Desert to pick up an RC Cleric, before making a final stand somewhere against the Titan – that ties together the Ascendancy’s lore about trying to reunite the people of Hearth and the whole “three kingdoms working together” thing, so you literally have the best and brightest warriors from each kingdom standing together against the Titan after travelling the world to learn its weaknesses. It would be a hell of a story, hahah!


wish i knew about this feature before. would have picked the stat bonus option much more often…
i mean you can end up with a solid 10/10/10 or better hearthling. a god among lings lol.

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