Can I get the +1 Mind, Body and Spirit bonus twice on the same hearthlings?

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I have just finished the Township questline with the Church of plenty, giving me +1 on all stats for all hearthlings. When I re-embark with three of these hearthlings to the northern alliance, would I be able to do the Quest for Knut the swift and then get the same +1 all stats bonus again?

Would these three hearthlings be able to get 8 mind/body/spirit stats?

And if so could i also do them again multiple times, getting some beefy 10/10/10 hearthlings?

If I’d want to get the buff again, would it help not taking my banner with me as one of the 10 re-embarkation items?

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Yes, the bonuses stack up with every re-embarkation.

take the banner with you
it should not affect the town quests
just grab another banner to have all the starting bonuses

how do you re-enbark anyways, have the mod, but I couldn’t ever find the option, even when I start a new game. Does this happen only after you achieve teir 3 ?

yeah, shortly after the Tier 3 celebration you’ll receive another letter/visit from the character who has guided you through the campaign, and this will give you a chance to re-embark. You don’t need to do it immediately; there’s an option to “accept the quest to re-embark” so to speak and another to have the quest offered to you again in like 1-3 months (if you don’t want the notification for an active quest to hang around.)

When you re-embark, it will create a “party” which you can add to any future play-through; including allowing you to mix citizens from different kingdoms.

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