Tier 3 and Embarkation Questions

So I have two main questions, one each regarding Tier 3 Township and Embarkation, and I have been unsuccessful at locating an answer through google or this discussion forum so far. I have returned to the game recently after a hiatus due to school, so it may, at least partially, be my unfamiliarity with some of the new content, so forgive my ignorance if that is the case.

For Tier 3, I played through as the Northern Alliance (NA) and have unlocked the Font of Fortune, then the Font of Fire after an embarkation. Upon completing the Font of Fire, I received a notification of unlocking legendary weapons (which at least for Rayya and Ascendancy are out based on past posts and patch notes), but am unable to locate where, if in any of the crafters, they are. As far as I can tell, the Legendary Weapons don’t exist in my playthrough as the NA. I assumed blacksmith, but when looking there I see nothing (See attached image). Is there something I’m missing? Or is there a process that I still have not completed prior to unlocking them? Or is it not enabled for the Northern Alliance as of yet?

For Re-embarkation, a less bug related question and more curiosity. After completing the Font of Fire, I re-embarked again to get the recipes for the Font of Summer before returning to the Font of Fortune of the crafting quality buff. Upon doing so, I noticed all 3 Hearthlings kept their +2 to Body bonus from the Font of Fire. So my knight and mason/potter were both at 8 and my archer at 5. They showed this Body level both in the embark page and afterwards in game. But upon saving, exiting, and then loading back in, any Body above 6 reverted to a 6.
So my question is this: Upon Re-embarkation, are Hearthlings supposed to keep this bonus? And if so, how is the game supposed to maintain the maximum stat values? Is the game resetting anything above 6 upon a load (in which case are Hearthlings supposed to keep that stat increase)? Or is there a mod compatibility issue that resets the value? Or is the reset to 6 so that you can eventually grow up to 3 Hearthlings to max stats while preventing the growth of Hearthlings potentially infinitely and breaking the game if they were used for combat?

Again, the second question is mostly for curiosity, but I’m genuinely concerned that I’m not understanding the Legendary Weapons or that I may have a bugged save or playthrough or mod incompatibility. I want to fully experience the game, and if I need to switch factions, reinstall the game, or cut out mods I want to know.

Thanks in advance for any and all help that you guys can provide.

Forgot to include in the post both an image and list of mods. Here they are.

List of Mods:
Feast Hall/Barracks Northern Alliance
NEIDIV Drawing
Northern Alliance Engineer’s Hut
Norther Alliance Blacksmith Hut Template
Northern Alliance Temple
Northern Alliance Trapper’s Hut
Northern Alliance Longhouse Barracks
Northern Alliance Fort Modular Pieces (Updated)
Tavern “Prancing Pony”
Kickstarter Back Pet mod


I remember this Tier 3 with Northern Alliance screen from back when NA was first released. It shows that you would get recipes and such as the same as you would get if you were Ascendancy, because it seems to be a copied screen. However you don’t actually receive those extra bonuses as Northern Alliance (Legendary Weapons) which is a shame.
You really have to play as Ascendancy and re-embark a few times, each time choosing a different Tier 3 bonus type, to unlock all the recipes. Then you can play as any other faction and you can use all those unlocked Ascendancy recipes. Its the only race that can carry over its recipes to other races. Also you should choose a different Village banner at the start of each embark, and re-embark with a piece of that banner, so you can get all 3 types of bonuses by the third playthrough (Banners of Vitality, Strength, Cunning).
If you re-embark with a Geomancer, bring along at least one Hearthbud plant. When you harvest it, use the Geomancer to produce more seeds from the Hearthbud, to expand your supply quicker. The extra seeds and Hearthbuds that you get can sell for a decent gold amount. I usually also bring a Vault, and a Cricket Golem.

Thanks for the info and tips! I enjoy the game, but I haven’t kept up with everything so I wasn’t sure.

Any idea about the font/shrine boosts on embarkation?

I think those stat buffs from the Fonts can’t be carried over. Like you said it seems to go back to normal after saving progress.

Also, from a code standpoint: NA is really, really empty. So no to NA legendary weapons. I checked XD