View all decorations?


I’m wanting to see what all items are in the game so far to help give me a better idea of what my town might look like in the future depending on which path I decide to go down and which faction I choose to play next. I’m having a hard time finding a catalog of items to look at though… does something like this exist?

On a different note, I haven’t gotten to tier 3 in a town yet and was wondering if you get the big monument in addition to the monument you get in tier 2 or if its an upgrade of the tier 2 monument.
Also, is there a way to spawn items you unlock later in the game, like the monuments from town progression. For example, if I’m playing a town with the ascendancy, is it possible for me to spawn the font of summer?



You can spawn anything through the item stamper tool if you enable the debugtools mod. And you can view everything in the game using Shed, the game data editor that ships with the game.


I’ll save you a bit of trouble in the case of one in my current map:

Cthulu has awoken!


If you level up your crafters their recipes will unveil, if you use debug tools and shift + left click to level up.

The furniture should now be visible in the builder so you can check what it looks like.

Edit: you can also promote your hearthlings via the command thingy, also debug tools. Ctrl+c

The command is: promote_to jobname


I have debug tools on but I had no idea about the shift + click thing, that’s awesome! Is there any way to manually unlock the crafting recipes from township upgrades? Or a way to unlock everything though the game? I would love to build a multi cultured town with various districts featuring architecture and decorations from all factions. I know I can do some of this through re embark but I’m not sure if all of the crafting recipes follow along. I think I read something about having to do it in a specific order?



Can you start a campaign with NA and it transfer to RC?
I hope that functionality changes before 1.0 anyway because I’d rather end with the Ascendancy

Is there any late game merchants that sell the locked recipes from other alliances / town progression choices? That would be another good way to use some of the gold gathered throughout the game.