Multitude Of Questions A Search Won't Help

Everytime I try to search these questions, I either get something unrelated or from a post in 2016, which is irrelevant now. So I’m sorry if these are somewhere, but I can’t find them.

1)Does the Northern Alliance have tier 2 (and 3 if there is such a thing) building templates? I can only find a DT on RC when I Google it.

  1. Is NA completely finished? Like do they have template builds for all the professions like RC?

  2. Where can I look at the tier 2 (or 3) buildings of all kingdoms? Again I only see the DT video on RC.

  3. Re-Embarkation; I can only find a DT on a planned state of how this works, and it mentions the possibility of say embarking with Ascendancy, and mixing with RC and having 2 banners. Did this make it in the final build? Can you get all three kingdoms and banners?

Northern Alliance has these buildings
Tier 1
Tier 2

No Tier 3 buildings :wink:

Re-Embarkation allows you to pick 3 citizens from the end of one playthrough and have them at the start of another. Meaning you can bring 3 Ascendancy people along with you at the start of your next Rayya’s Children playthrough(Or whoever you wish to play as and bring)

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So then I can make a playthrough with Ascendancy, take 3 of them on a new playthrough and start with RC. Reembark again, and then if I chose say, at least 1 of the Ascendancy that I brought first, and one RC, the THIRD playthrough I’ll have just those 3 from my last save, or 3 from both, thus having 6?

When you select your loadout for a new game, you have the option to choose any one of your re-embarkation groups. Each group has 3 people and 10(?) items.


only 3 each time, so third playthrough you could bring an Ascendancy, Rayya’s Child, & Rabbit or Goblin if you wanted and start as Northern Alliance. Thus you would have 4 different kingdom citizens at the start. Not their banners though, just them and their job/stats.

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Ah okay. I swear I read on the DT that it would help to bring over banner bonuses or something like that, but this is awesome and I need to stop restarting and just get farther!

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You can bring a piece of the banner as 1 item from your current kingdom. So you really only need to bring 2 different types of banner, eg. Vitality, and Strength. That would take 2 playthroughs to obtain the 2 banner pieces. Then when you start a new save, pick Banner of Cunning, and you will have all 3 bonuses, of course using your Re-Embarkation save made from your second playthrough. You can also carry over recipes that you have learned, like the Amberstone quest recipes, the tier 3 crafting recipes also. But it is a little complicated which ones transfer over. Ascendancy recipes can transfer over to all kingdoms, because they are in the main Stonehearth mod. Rayaa’s Children recipes only transfer to new Rayaa’s Children save games, and same for Northern Alliance, they only transfer to another save game starting as Northern Alliance.

So, to get the most recipes, you start with Ascendancy, and playthrough 3 times, choosing a different Tier 3 Statue each time. Then you bring all those recipes to the other kingdoms. Eventually if you play 3 times as Rayaa’s Children you have all their Tier 3, plus all Ascendancy Tier 3, thats it. Then you could play 3 times as Northern Alliance, and have all their Tier 3, and all Ascendancy Tier 3.

So you just can’t have all Tier 3 RC and NA recipes in the same town.