Reembarkment, what class would you choose?

It seems like that when completing the main questline, we can start over with three of the hearthlings from our current game?

I have been wondering what three would be the most efficient to choose, or really focus the first game around.

The Cleric seems like one of the candidates? Then you dont really (as the game is currently) need a herbalist next time around and can have one more hearthling free to do other stuff.

What else? An engineer? what are you guys thoughts on this? What would you see as the smartest choice?

I guess there is also the choice of banners and hearths to consider…

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hmm, probably Cleric, Blacksmith, and either Potter or Shepherd as the third, if playing Ascendency. Blacksmith is the most useful of the base game crafters atm in my opinion, Potter/Shepherd are fairly useful but fairly annoying to unlock, lol

Also because I play with extensive mods, so Blacksmith and Potter tend to have some good content to them; Blacksmith is also still useful as a worker.
Blacksmith also makes the Carpenter’s Saw, which thus loops you back around to the other crafting classes fairly quickly as long as you get the Blacksmith going ASAP.

If you add in mod classes, then Miner replaces the third one, hands down. @Moai did an amazing job with it.

Even if you add in my own WIP modding, which is aiming to add a suite of useful little machines to the Engineer, still not that hard to up the Blacksmith into the Engineer.


I took a Warrior a Cleric and an Archer. To do again I think for Ascendancy at least I would include Potter as they are a pain to level up with them, Engineer is another that is a bit of a pain to level also. So I think I would go Warrior, Potter, Engineer on my my do over.


Then it would also be smart to choose the miningbanner in the first game i guess? More stone and ores for leveling the blacksmith faster… Or do the banner even matter? I noticed someone talked about the road banner was owerpowered in any game, but i am not quite sure why that is? Faster movement and cashflow? Or is it depending on what you towns vision is?

Hahaha so many choices, so many games to play… i really love it :slight_smile:


With Rayya’s Children, I for sure would take a Carpenter. That would make for a much easier start with them. In away it kind of ruins the starting dynamic the Dev’s had in mind for them. Well at least you would have to go through it once.


its because the trade/road banner provides you with basically unlimited money… its like a money cheat… except well not a cheat… its far to OP at the moment.

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I tried re-embarking with a lvl6 cleric and 2 craftsmen this weekend. The first raid I got had a Varanus in it, since it scales with your military strength. Took my poor cleric all day to beat it to death with her book. x_x So far, I really like taking a Potter and a Carpenter. It means you don’t have to worry about building basics.


I think for defense the best is a level 6 engineer with 8 big turrets. You place it and its is done, no goblin can hold the turrets shots, it usually is one shot kills.


Don’t the archers out range those? They will shoot 'em up.

Place it behind a corner and they will not have a line of sight to it. When they finally get, it means they are close enough.
Also, the archers are late game, at that point the player would already have an engineer even without embarking with one.


I would take a cook, potter (Ascendancy)/mason (RC), and blacksmith.

For items, I’d make sure there’s a farmer’s hoe, a saw, and a shepherd’s crook. The cook can be demoted back to farmer long enough to get the farm up and running, then promoted again when there’s something to work with. I’d also take at least one prickly pear seed because those can be cooked, unlike berries.

The load out really depends on which group I’m playing, though it would only change things slightly.


Cleric, Farmer (al plants at 1 day), Shepherd. All battle classes can lvlup too fast like another crafters.


I would probably try to get 3 fellows maxed out in every class.

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No point posting here any more

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It’s literally the end game.

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You keep the recipes you’ve unlocked in the final segment, though they don’t carry over from Ascendancy to RC. So, that’s 6 runs through the game. If you’re a completionist, that’s six reasons to play.

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This has to do with supply chains, heartling behavior and efficiency of movement.

Simply put while food growth and wood by 25% is a nice boost, and so are more ores, an efficiency boost to EVERYTHING ever (as long as there are roads) is massive. Heartling walk A LOT in comparison to actually working. If you can cut that by three, the work/walk ratio shifts conciderably, increasing net efficiency by - wild guess–25%?


So what you are saying, is that even if i get 25% more corn out of my fields, they dont really count before they are in my stockpiles, right? and then with the road bonus this carries over to all resources?

So time is the resource that roads provide and thats the only way in the game to get our hands on that, so it is the most powerful resource in the game at the moment :slight_smile:

Funny how gold is the easiest to get… and how those two then are coupled up in that banner :sunny:


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I’ll clarify a bit.
It’s more a case of heartling (max 20) x time working x whatever they can do in that time.
Where time working is (time in a day -walk -sleep -eat/drink -chat(basically overhead))

I haven’t actually clocked them but on sheer estimation half-to-60% of their time is walking. So let’s say 60/100

If you cut this by 3(because they are 3x as fast) to 20/100, this means they now have 40/100 MORE time to do other things. now if you estimate their previous working hours to be 30/100, and they gain 40/100 time, this now means they spend 7/10 instead of 3/10 of their time usefully a 110% ish increase in efficiency.

Now as stated before, I haven’t stopwatched/clocked them, but even if 1/3 of this is true, its still a 30% increase on everything vs 25% on one aspect.

#when process engineering and improvement hits stonehearth

And then I haven’t even calculated in the money bonus… long story shot, that is 100/100 picks for me. the rest just cant contend. only downside is that roads also work for monsters, and thus they arive in your town 3x as fast… (protip: if you build roads outside of your town, make them with safety locks and surrounding walls/fences…)

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Now we just need the Gaffer class to get them to stop talking and go back to work. That will really speed things up. :rofl: