What is ? How do you become?

What is the ??? class above Blacksmith?
I’ve been researching via Google and people are talking about a Magmasmith.
Yeah that was like four years ago, so what really is it? How do you promote your Blacksmith to ???

Thanks, just a random topic.

The developers have not implemented all the classes yet. I believe the ?? above the blacksmith will be (at least one of the possible) the Magasmith. Right now it is just a place holder and you are not able to promote to it yet.


thanks :smiley: Magmasmith sounds epic, hope its out soon cause i’ve been using mods to make my army tougher

I know of the magma smith eventually, although they have a few things on it; just not completely fleshed out as of yet.

I believe though, if I heard right, the Engineer class is going to be Black smith upgrade. That is at the moment getting a bit into at the moment. Basic things; like turret and traps for enemies. Not sure what else, as much else will probably expand upon it I would think. At least once they get the way they want certain systems. Nothing written in stone as of yet though.

I’d expect the engineer though is maybe going to be one added next. At least if I am understanding correctly. :slight_smile:

Note: like others have said, the other ?? are just classes they have yet to flesh out enough or implement just yet. Sooo, in time they will be.


if i’m not mistaken, @linda said the engineer would be in A17 :smile: