Cant promote to engineer

So, the engineer class which is supposed to appear as an upgrade to the blacksmith is not visible, it appears as question marks, however I am unable to promote him; but I am able to craft the wrench
game is modded

Could you specify which mods you use. Perhaps add a screenahot or even a save? This helps the dev team a lot in finding what the bug is

Which version are you playing, @asdar54?

hello, currently im using stonehearth cafe, brewery, spiros gate mod, decorations, hearthlings customizator…those are the 5 im using, Im playing on alpha 17 unstable version

there’s also the anorien and archipielago biome

Well… in cases like this, you’d mostly have to disable one mod, check in game if it had an effect, then disable the next one, etc. This way you should be able to pinpoint if a mod is responsible amd if so, which one.

Hey, I ran into this issue too. Make double sure that you’re looking at the right upgrade. The Engineer upgrade is on the LEFT. The question marks are on the RIGHT. I kept looking at the question marks and wondering why the Engineer wasn’t unlocking, but turns out it was unlocked the whole time, I just wasn’t looking in the right spot. Felt stupid afterward, so don’t feel bad if it’s that.

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ill take a screenshot of what my professions look like

Ohhhh. Didja upgrade to Township yet (built the three special statues)? That’s when that opens up.

the three of them? not just one?

uh… i’m not in township yet but i can still see the greyed out engineer wrench, so i don’t think that’s true…

hmm… whats that second anvil you have in your professions tree?


Just checked, you’re right. Thanks!

its says smith and it requires a smith hammer and uses flowers…something smells weird here

so, if its not the three statues? then what?

it might be one of the mods that adds a job… i would suggest try removing the mod that adds the smith, and the one that adds the gardener to see if that fixes the problem…

edit: also, would you be able to provide a list of all the mods you’re currently using?

guys, I got the bug, seems to be a chinese mod which includes new armor and weapons its ws.smod


i was wondering if it was the smith mod when i saw that second anvil… guess i’ll mark this as caused by mods…

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If there’s a mod overriding the job index or something, it could cause issues… =S