Error with promoting blacksmith

Ok i am not sure if this is modrelated or not, but i cant seem to figure out what is wrong.
So i just recieved a new hearthling and promoted her to blacksmith. She went and got the hammer and all seemed normal, but when i opened the crafter menu i could not press the blacksmithbutton. I tried doing it from the character aswell with no luck.
I then tried demoting her to worker again, wich just resulted in her shifting outfit, but was still in the role of the blacksmith and then i could not promote her again…

A note: I have Instantbuild a building with an anvil and smelter inside beforehand, but i then tried loading a savegame and removing these before promotion, but it did not make a difference.

Is this a known issue or should i upload a savegame?
Thank you :merry:

Here is a screenshot of the error message:

My mods:

after disapeling my own mod (fornjotr) it worked again, so now i at least know what caused the issue.