Engineer crafting

I upgraded my blacksmith to engineer and i cant seem to figur out how to make the wood shaft and wood cog where can i get this from also some times it dose not show the things i need to build the waterwheel?

Excuse me, but engineer? I don’t believe it’s been implemented yet. Is this a mod or something? Please, do elaborate on A: The details of your problem, and B: How you even got an engineer in the first place. Did you tamper with the game files or something?


Not accusing him of anything but it seems a lot of pirated copies of the game come installed with the Engineer Mod.

Could you tell us what version of the game you’re using, the location of the mod you downloaded from, and if you started a new game after or before installing the mod?

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the game hasn’t even reached the level of beta and there are already pirated copies. why would someone even pirate this? all there is to do is squash bugs, which you can’t even do with a pirated copy.

This days people will pirate everything :pensive: I used to be the same not so long ago…

my issue isn’t that the game is being pirated, I expected the game to be pirated… after the game was finally released. or, at the very earliest, at the beta. it doesn’t make any sense for the game to be pirated this early in the alpha. there’s absolutely nothing worth pirating.

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Yeah, but lets think positively: maybe people pirate it so they can judge if they want to buy it themselfs or not? IDK

This is actually why SOME people do it. I’ll admit, I did pirate this game for about 3-4 months after following it’s progress for a long time; Which is how I know about the engineer mod thing. After I got myself a job this was the first thing I bought with my paycheck. but anyways it’s not really pirating this game if people just release their DRM free version or steam version onto a torrent site.


I do it too. a lot of games that come out lately are rushed, overhyped, and don’t deliver on what they promise. and I don’t really have money to begin with (I’m in college, but I don’t have a job and still live at home). most games that I get are christmas or birthday presents, and any other time of the year I have to work for it (naturally). with all this garbage coming out for $60, I want to make sure I get my money’s worth. and often times, I really want to play a game but simply don’t have any money to buy it. I mark those games down as “buy when I have the money”. and there are several games that I have downloaded that I’ve later gotten, either as a gift or something I bought myself. torrenting isn’t bad at all, as it’s entirely unrelated to piracy. it just so happens that piracy is generally done over torrents. and generally people don’t pirate just to “cheat the system” or “get a free game”, but rather because they’re worried about costs or simply don’t have the money to get it, and I just realized I’m about to go off on a tangent ranting about a topic that doesn’t really belong in this thread, so I’m gonna stop lol.

but my point with the pirating this game is that… the sole purpose to buying the early alpha is so you can 1. call dibs when the game comes out and 2. work with the developers to squash bugs and insert ideas the devs hadn’t thought of into the game to make it a better game. as the game is entirely unfinished, there’s very little “fun” value to it. it’s not really something you would download to see if it’s worth buying, as it’s not in a state that is really playable (hence the alpha notation - if it were playable, it’d be beta). the fact that anyone would pirate it is just weird to me. they’re going through a lot of effort and a decent amount of risk for very little gain.

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I’ll delete it but you could of at least acknowledged it, but thank you.

If you even look up “Stonehearth Game” on Google, and search through the results, I’ve seen links to get torrents of EVERY version since Alpha 1…