Unable to craft engineer wrench due to recent update

After the recent patch fixing the engineer wrench glitch has made it so that my blacksmith can’t craft the engineer wrench even though I have the blacksmith anvil and a blacksmith of level 6 and I have the required resources but it just won’t craft.

hmm… just tested, and i’m able to craft it perfectly fine… was the wrench in the queue from before the fix, and if so, did you try re-queuing it?

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I did try re-queuing and nothing happened I opened the menu and saw that no one was working on it I cleared the whole list and nothing happened I have restarted reloaded and nothing worked I am going to replace the the forge and anvil in a second.

I replaced the forge and anvil and it fixed my problem I now have an engineer.

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alright good to know, moved to NaB (not sure if that’s the best place since it kinda is a bug) i’ll have to remember to tell anyone else who runs into this problem that just replacing the workbenches should fix the problem…