Can't craft the Engineer's Wrench

It says it needed a Engineer’s Workshop to craft it. Since I can’t make one until I get an Engineer, you can see the issue. Really want to see what the Engineer can craft, it sounds like fun.

Hi, I download the new sperimetal version and I find something strange:
I have 2 blacksmith one level 6 and one level 2.
I tried to forge the wrench but unfortunately I can’t because I need a placed Engineer’ workshop. My question is who can craft this workshop?
I saw all the other profession and none of this can do it …
Maybe is because I loaded and old save file ?

hey there @Morabs, just merged your post over to this report as it’s about the same thing.

now on to the subject at hand, i told the team about it and they’re on it, so i’m guessing a fix will be in the next release.


Crafting a Wrench requires an Engineer’s Workshop, not an Anvil

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Try to craft a wrench
  2. It requires an engineers workshop
  3. Can’t train an engineer without a wrench, can’t build a workshop without an engineer

Version Number and Mods in use:
Test Alpha 17

System Information:

Just realized this has already been reported. Sorry!

no worry’s mate, i just merged it over here for you :slight_smile:

oh, and welcome to the discourse :smile:

Thanks! A fix is on the way.


made a mod called loaner_wrench until the fix comes out. same requirements as the original but uses the blacksmith workbench. (2.3 KB)

for those that just cant wait.

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What should I do to install your mod?

Welcome to the forum, @Daniele_Leandri :merry:
This thread is about a bug that was fixed on June 2016.
The mod that Geokhan posted was to fix the bug while we waited for a game patch.
If you’re playing latest version, you shouldn’t need this mod anymore, and even if you used it, it would probably cause problems because it hasn’t been updated since June.

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I know but I have network problems and I can not take the latest version.

to install all you have to do is download it to your mod folder and change the .zip to .smod

As @Relyss stated this was made a while ago and is not needed and doesn’t work for any of the current version,