Lost the ability to craaft with blacksmith and mason

mason and blacksmith ceased production of anything other than their workbenches.

attemped to replace the worker with new one, and with new workbenches, to no avail

Version Number and Mods in use:
current beta version

bug report

System Information:

Hi there,

Can you give us more details? What levels are your blacksmith/mason, have you perhaps hit the inventory cap (check in town inventory menu), do you have the required materials & placed workshop for the items you are trying to craft, and does it work if you save and reload?

You can also upload your save file so we can take a closer look.


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hi Linda,

thanks for responding, and apologies for not replying in time.

i belive this issue was resolved by the latest beta update. i’m not certain what was the cause.

i definetly had enough resources for each item, you may have been right about the inventory cap (I’ve never checked this to be honest).

save and reload didn’t work at the time either.