Re-embarkment villages

Currently, the reembarkment feature feels like an easier way to start a new game. You copy your town bonus banner, get a few high level hearthlings and their equipment, and can even bring some ned game items. While it is nice to see the process from which your original group of hearthlings came, I feel like an important part of the connection with the previous village is missing.

To create this connection I suggest to make it that a savegame can contain several villages (think rimworld world map or anno2205). This would allow the newly embarked group to “live” in the same world as the original village, and thus to preserve the connection to the original save. This can then be used to treat the new village as an extension of the original, sending resources back and forth. Want to have a big main city, create a second village as a mining outpost to provide the resources without the destruction of the first villages environment.

Of course, to preserve performance, you wouldn’t be able to simulate all the savegame its villages at the same time. The loading screens between villages should still be there. Furthermore, villages that are not loaded will probably be paused and no progress will occur.

This will eventually enable large, sprawling, empires composed of small and cute villages and outposts, while still only needing to have small villages loaded.


I use it as an opportunity to make the subsequent living places better. My canyon biome place was nice, but I’m really liking the desert biome village I’ve got going here much better. I feel like it has more character.

And I’m not nearly done with the place. I’m building a barracks/town hall in that wall at the lower right corner.