How does Re-Embarkation work?

I just played through a game to the point where I could re-embark(my first time) and I don’t know how to actually use them in a new save. I’m wondering if my mod makes it impossible since it changes the roster screen to allow for more starters and customization options. If it is something with the code, then sadly I guess that’s where the mod will stay. A mod in which prevents re-embarkation :frowning:

On the bright side though, I’ve nearly updated EVERYTHING else in my mod to work. So “Final” release will be -Coming Soon™-

Do you not see the blue banner thingy at the bottom left of the roster? It is what opens the list of reembarkation crews that you saved :thinking:

If you overrided files related to the roster, it might have been lost somewhere?

yea, it’s not there. I disabled my mod and then saw it. So I’m going to try and copy/paste stonehearth’s roster file into mine and see if I can fix it. Man I wish @OwlGo was up to modding again, I’m not knowledgeable in anything other than a bit of JSON haha

Hmm… I wasn’t able to do it myself. I copy and pasted any embark text, but I’m sure I’m missing other things that make it work lol. Small downside of my mod I guess. Other than that, everything else is seeming pretty solid.

You are overwriting the .js, the .html and the .css. And all those files are extremely outdated, checking the difference between them and they are almost 2 different things.
You are also overwriting the cleric, which will conflict with cleric of other kingdoms.It is possible to change it only for your kingdom.
The game creating service is also being overwrite, and again very outdated.
The animal companion is being overwrite too and only offering a wolf, losing all the other animals possibilities.

Ideally you would start from the game default files and then add your additions, not the other way. Else you will add a few things missing but end keeping the broken parts that needs changes too

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Yea it’s something I have thought about for some time now. Starting from “scratch” and re-adding only the working updated bits of my mod. Downside there is anything that would require me to add/replace/remove something other than .json I’d be lost haha I mess up majorly like 95% of the time when messing with other files haha So sadly, the mod will be in quite a broken and overwritten state… I just don’t know the ways to tackle the problems haha

I suppose, I’m just glad I was able to playthrough a full campaign with my mod and be presented with the option to re-embark along with defeating the titan. After playing/modding the game for over 2 years, just being able to “beat” the game at least once makes me feel sort of good.

I’d obviously love to leave the mod in a better state, it does not feel good telling people that in order to play it they have to not do certain things in order for it to work.