Re-Embarkation Fixed!

Necromancer Mod - Box O’ Vox 2.0


well done man :smiley:

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What you did to fix it? Was the problem just the override screen?

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I went line by line looking at Stonehearths select_roster files and mine side by side, and added anything that was missing. Remember our file was from before Re-Embarkation, there were like 5 lines of 1 line of code missing. After adding them I was able to Re-Embark as intended. We are still overriding currently. So any other mod(if there is) that touches roster_select might not work.

Oh, I thought you already did that and was just a compatibility issue with the kingdom.

No I think Owl simply copy/paste a part of it where it said #Reembarkation not line by line like I did. Not important now, everything works! I’m so excited for everyone who wanted to re-embark with their necromancers haha :smile:

Now I’m the only one with a broken re-embark, as trying to bring hearthling to goblins crash the game to desktop lol


ouch. I trust that you’ll figure it out.

You don’t mix in the base game classes right? I think the problem might be there