[HUGE NECROMANCER UPDATE] Box O' Vox (Complete) - UPDATED January 5, 2020

~ACE Mod Required~

This mod will most likely no longer work if you are not using ACE. This has been done to make things easier on myself, the sole updater for this mod. I hope you enjoy. I’ll be looking at feedback to make sure I can fix any bugs I may have missed.

Box O’ Vox (Complete)

This mod’s main feature is that it adds a Necromancer who can summon increasingly stronger minions to attack enemies. A Paladin’s Shield which allows a Knight to be promoted.

Boxlings Kingdom
The Boxlings kingdom has a few unique elements. A few customiztions options upon initial roster select such as horns, glasses, wild colors, and hair styles among others. They use Northern Alliance ending campaign with a change to the Hearth of Glory quest requiring a Necromancer, Paladin & Cleric instead of an Archer, Knight & Footmen. Farmers can plant Daisies, Potatoes, Strawberries & Tomatoes. Masons have a few new items to craft such as large capacity storage crates along with some suspicious looking Statues(I wonder where the idea for those came from).

Boxland Biome
Boxland Biome brings custom flora such as Daisies & Blueberry Bushes. White Rabbits litter the lands allowing for some easy hunting. Ancient Boxling Mountains can be found around the lands as well(So that’s where the Mason got the idea from). It looks like Salt Rock in them hills, yes, there is mineable salt.

-All New Music from:
Tobu ~ “Melomania” “Rollercoaster” “Roots” for day time
Sapphieros ~ “Dawn” “Embrace” “Memories” for night time
Axhom ~ “Black Hole” “Galaxy” “Orbit” for combat

-This mod uses code from Bruno Supremo’s Canyon Biome in order to place grass on the tops of all mountains. It also uses code from his Skylands mod to add the enchanted mist effect in the Boxland Biome. A very special thanks to him for help with the code.

Main use for Andreal Vox’s Twitch streams Box O’ Vox

Steam Workshop: Box O’ Vox (Complete)
Non-Steam Zip Download: Zip Download(I’m sure you know how to download and where to put the folder)




The Skeletons do nothing.

OMG! the most colorful necromancers ever are back! Thank you guyz!

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what do you mean they do nothing? how did they show up? there had to be enemies in order for the necro to spawn them, so I imagine they fought until the enemies died. They only fight, so after enemies are dead they’ll just stand around until their spawn timer hits zero.

I have no idea what your plans are for this mod, but I had a sudden and likely terrible idea…seeing those poor skeletons just standing around doing nothing (presumably after a battle!) would it be possible to make functional necromantic agents as well? Like the Geomancer and their crickets and golems could the Necromancer likewise, with the use of carefully harvested bone (Trappers?) and mystical salves and unguents (Herbalist?), create skeletons that harvest, mine, and haul? Complete, perhaps, with little “outfits” that denote their type? Straw hats for harvesters, little mining helmets for miners, and little brown backpacks for haulers?


I told my necro to attack some goblins and they ran over then spawned skeletons and the skeletons just stood there and waited while my necro used the flame skulls or whatever they were called and the skeletons did nothing.

any other mods being used besides ACE? I’ll look into it.

Im not using ace just your mod, rivers ,super mod 1000 and unitframeplus.

Any download link that isnt steam?

I could post the GitHub download link or upload the mod to google drive or something for download. I almost forgot that a lot of players play the game not from steam.

not sure what Super Mod 1000 might be doing, but using those other mods, my summons react as intended. If possible, can you upload the save file and I’ll try it out.

I’m peaty sure my Super Mod 1000 wouldn’t effect that. unless you have something in your mod that would prevent the necromancer from having really high stats

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Nope, nothing stopping heightened stats. I’m really confused as to how the summons are acting. I wonder @JeffTheHearthling were the goblins hostile? or were they the first ones that show up and are neutral until you deny them the items they ask? I’ve just never had the summons not attack.

The Necromancer’s Undead Workers are now in! They work!!!


I’d love some sample screens or a video, still a bit weary with modding.

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Hmm, I thought you said you’d be dropping a dropbox/Github link, yet I see neither.

Could you perhaps do that?

As I’m not on the Steam version, I clearly can’t use Steam-only mods. (and there’s a few too many of those allready)

EDIT: man I need to quit leaving the mouse over “post”, damn cat.

I’d love to play this, I’d been wanting a roight proppa summoner-type job since the game came out.

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link posted now… Sorry I took so long

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check out this awesome art a friend of mine did… not sure yet, but I want to use this somehow lol



Everyone I have some amazing news, Re-Embarkation is no longer broken with this mod. Re-Embark to your hearts desires Young Necromancers! Let your armies arise and conquer the lands as you can now finally re-embark while fully using this mod and it’s classes.

I love you all so much. I’m sorry it took SOOO long to fix. Thanks for all the continued feedback, it’s super appreciated.

Maybe now when someone like @Banto or @TheDarthDuncan (or anyone else) starts a new playthrough on Youtube, they can finally play a working balanced version. hahaha lol :smile: