New Statue & Landmark


I added another statue and mountain landmark to my mod. I just randomly wanted one with a boxling reaching for the skies.



You should be able to get the landmark to be the color of your statue if you wanted - just make sure to add a “_mask” file that is made of stone.


The color is intended. Thanks though. The landmarks are supposed to be ancient sculpted mountains :wink:


fixed the eyes to match the previous one :wink:



I find nearly everything about your mod heartstopping, in a good way :slight_smile:


If anyone wants to skim through some of the live stream where I created the models here is a link

Boxling Statue & Mountain 2 Creation


I might be getting carried away… I’m not sure this behemoth has room to even spawn naturally, but I wanted to do it anyway lol


it can spawn naturally omg LOL


Nice! now make it half-buried and chipped/weathered, and you’ll be good to go!


that last one is meant to be out of the ground that much. If anything I’d just chop the legs and blend the torso into the terrain