Spawn More Landmarks

Thanks to @malley’s assistance, the modding guide’s help, and @OnkelJorsch’s suggestion I’ve finally made my first real mod! Well, it seems to be working, at least :stuck_out_tongue:

… Here’s some pictures!

A simple mod that more or less doubles the world generation landmark caps. (The rare landmark caps were increased just slightly more.) It’s small, doesn’t affect anything after world generation, and should be compatible with mods that add more landmarks since it changes the caps through mixintos instead of overriding the entire file.

  • Due to how simple this mod is, anyone who wants to use it as a base for tweaking the landmark generation numbers to their liking in their mods is welcome to, no attribution needed (though I’ll take any credit I can get anyway :stuck_out_tongue: )

Spawn Way More Landmarks

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I am planning on making another version or two with slightly different numbers myself, but I figured I’d let people test this first. Originally, I was going to make another version with the caps mostly maxed out, but after a few tests I feel like this is a lot as is. Try it out, give me some feedback, and I’ll decide if I need to make versions with less or more!

Shouldn't you be working on ACE?

Uh… yeah, probably. But I figure with the plans to add more landmarks, it’s a good idea to test general landmark tweaking right now. If it’s decided that ACE could use landmark cap tweaks, then this should be fairly easy to copy over. Besides, having some basic modding skills should be useful.

And I also kind of promised this yesterday and I never break a so at least I’m keeping that one

Am I really commenting that much on other people’s threads whenever they post a new mod? :jubilant:

Nah, that’s all me :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s been more than a hundred downloads on Steam - looks like it’s approaching 150 altogether - which is way beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks everybody! :jubilant:

Though I would still like some feedback beyond one reply here and one comment on Steam :stuck_out_tongue: