Landmark Frequency

I’ve been mostly fine with Stonehearth’s worlds until now, but now that landmarks are in the game to compare against, they feel really small and empty to me. It seems like you’re lucky to get three notable landmarks in a normal-sized world. And how many of those are worth building by? I’ve just been scrapping world after world, being pickier than ever when I ought to be enjoying time I finally get to play the game again.

Landmarks spawning in the world more often would mean more repetition, of course, so I can see why you don’t want to bump it too high. And way too many landmarks would make them less special and also make the world much harder to build in. But is there any chance of bumping it a little higher?

If not, how easy would this be to mod? I’ve been considering making a small mod to add just a bit more variety of landmarks, and with some tuning I think I’d be able to make worlds I enjoy playing in much more.


Geomancers have a certain amount of ability to create landmarks, but I don’t know the details.


High level geomancers can plop down landmarks wherever you want them.

It’s actually quite easy, I believe, to add more landmarks to the world–I’d love to see what balance you find good as you play. @malley undoubtedly has the details, and you can also find them in his stream from last week.

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It is certainly easy to adjust - you would just need to override this file: stonehearth\scenarios\scenario_index.json and in there change the line of max_count to something higher : D.
There is a cap to how many can actually be placed by the system (I usually set to something rediculously high like 40, but there are only about 20-30 max).

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