[Mod] Box O' Vox [A24]

Hello everyone! This box of mods has been worked on slowly by myself and @AndrealVox.

We started with custom faces and hair and now here we are.

Make sure to check out our additions and subscribe if you like what you see


I have got to give credit to:

  • Stonehearth team - They made this awesome game available and keep refining it to make it more enjoyable and easy to work with.

  • @BrunoSupremo - Without this guy our mod would not be as Big as it is now, I’ve not communicated personally but I used a lot of his methods for getting the mod to “act” right

  • Our music is from Titan Souls (if we need to change it let me know)


  • Box O’ Vox(Full)

    • This Full version inclues everything below. With minor tweaks here and there for AndrealVox

    • Box O’ Vox - Boxland


      • Weather
        • Enchanted Mist
      • Terrain Generation
        • Large Grass hilltops/mountains
    • Box O’ Vox - Plants & Animals


      • Want Food? Look no farther than your nearest tree, Food bland? Add some salt
      • Flora
        • Trees
          • Apple
          • Banana
          • Orange
          • Lime
        • Small Plants
          • Peppercorn
          • Nightshade
          • Greentea
          • Daisy
          • Firebeard
          • Blueberry
          • Hemp
        • Resources
          • Salt Rock
      • Fauna
        • Pasture Animals
          • Cow
          • Custom Pig
        • Little Animals
          • Black Fox(not extracted)
      • Food
        • Apple
        • Apple Pie
        • Banana
        • Banana Cream Pie
        • Beef
        • Beef Rib Roast
        • Blueberries
        • Cheese
        • Dough
        • Fruit Salad
        • Fruit Smoothie
        • Lime
        • Mash Potatoes
        • Milk
        • Orange
        • Pepper
        • Pepperoni
        • Pizza
        • Potato
        • Salt
        • Strawberry
        • Tomato
    • Box O’ Vox - Necromancer


      • Teach your cleric the dark arts and allow them to turn into a necromancer
        • Summons:
          • Skeletons
          • Skeleton wolf(not extracted)
          • Zombies
          • Flesh Golems
          • Mini-Necro
    • Box O’ Vox - Customization


      • Pick Eye Color and Accessory
      • New Hair Style and Colors
      • New Facial hair(and eyebrows for females)
      • Promotion Tree accessible from citizen
    • Box O’ Vox - Boxlings


      • New worker gear
      • Colored UI
      • Town Progression
      • New Look
      • Boxling Statue
    • Box O’ Vox - Cleric Crafting


      • Allows the cleric to keep crafting potions
    • Box O’ Vox - Decorations


      • Roof Colors
      • Wall Colors
      • Decorations
        • Road Lamps
        • Fireplace
        • Labled Crates
        • Bathtub
        • Cabinet
        • Fridge
        • Grandfather Clock
        • Sink
        • Toilet
        • Wall Clock
    • O’ Creative Mode


      • Adds 20 hearthling start
      • Adds smarter, faster, spiritual hearthlings
      • Only 1 xp per level up
      • Adds a Loadout that includes:
        • 2 talismans from every crafter
        • 10 log, stone, and clay piles
        • 10 worker outfits
        • 30 silkweed
        • 30 brightbells
        • 500 gold
  • Modders

    • Andreal Vox
    • OwlGo
      • I like to be a background character but will try to help where I can.

How can I use the mod by steam because if I go to stonehearth I don’t get anything from using the steamworkshop. what do I have to do?

You have to go to the propeties of stonehearth by rightclicking it in steam go to betas and enable latest. The stable stonehearth does not have the workshop yet.

Update: I have started to separate the mod for people who don’t want everything Also trying to balance all the over powered aspects.


Update: I have Extracted All of the modules. I will now work on balancing and fixing up any lose ends that connect them

  • updated necromancer outfit to “Necromancer”
  • added lorki’s biome support to “Plants and animals”
  • added stonebeds and lowered traptool level to “Boxlings”
  • added O’ Creative mode to post
  • removed broken attributes from “Boxlings”
  • added River mod compatibility “Box O Vox”, “Boxland”, “Plants And Animals”
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FYI The Necro pets do not despawn in the latest game build. They become permanent until killed.

This looks like a fun mod, guess I’ll be using that in my next series

Heads up everyone! The necromancer summons once again will despawn after an hour. I’ve also done a MAJOR update to my full version of the mod to be more balanced overall and feel like default gameplay with just MORE :wink: I’m excited so see what kinds of fun things people get into while playing. Let me know if you come across anything.

Also @TheDarthDuncan that should be cool, I just started watching your YT videos. I’ll keep my eyes open.


Thanks man! Missed that Necro!

I have a problem with this mod :frowning:
When I’m starting a new game then 2 things happen in the “choosing your rooster” segment.
First of: I have 8 instead of 5 (or 6 because of the 6 starting herthlings mod) and most importantly, I can’t chose any of my re-embarking loadouts, wich makes me sad, to just leave them behind.

After diasabling this mod, everything works just fine again.

I’m currently trying some stuff, so imma reply again, once I found something, cause I really want that necromancer

I cant figure it out with the complete mod, I’ll try the single ones

EDIT: They seem to not be compatible with the current version of the game :frowning:

the 8 starters is part of my mod, default used to be 7, I added 1. Then they changed and made the default 5, so mine seems like A LOT more. should still be “balanced”

As far as re-embarking loadouts, I’ll have to look into that since I’ve never reached that point in the game to ever try myself.

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i think because the mod itself changes re-embarking (looked through the files)
it doesen’t recognize the old files. I’m currently slagging through a playthrought with this mod to see if embark with this mod works

BTW this mod is awesome

I can remove the part in my mod that changes reembarkation to increased numbers and see if that fixes it. I’m curious though if when using my mod and you reach the point in the game to reembark, does it allow you to use the larger amounts then and after? As in, does my mod maybe just prevent the use of default valued loadouts…

Currently, I’m at that point, let me just check that out
Im not ready to re-embark yet, so I just do it now, dont save the game and test if I can load it in, and just to mock me, the game gave me a 1/1/1 as the last citicen XD

Nope, can’t even load in the embark loadout, that I just made with your mod

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interesting… I’ll remove the part in my mod that adjust embarking. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then something else is causing it that I have no clue of lol

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k, imma test it now
Nope, sorry to say this, but (atleast for me) it doesen’t work

I updated the mod last night, might have to try from the start with it again and see. If that doesn’t work I honestly can’t think of what part of my mod would be effecting that.