Possible bug? No daily update

I’ve had some issues with new hearthlings, they just do not appear; there is no daily update and I’m stuck with 7 hearthlings, game is modded but I don’t know how should I test for possible bugs
can anyone help?

Is the mod the Bastinioneers?
I think I heard that it has something different in population

Paging @Wharp

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The only thing I can even point out or suggest checking is if the population slider in settings got reduced for what ever reason. Since by default should be set at 20 with max being 50.

Anything beyond that, I would have no clue on. Might have something to do with the mods used, but like I said I am not quite familiar with modded game adjustments.

I checked the slider alreaddy, I even put it on 50 to see if that helped but alas, no hearthlings, surviving with 7 dudes is plain impossible

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and no, I’m not playing the bastioneers yet, Im playing ascendancy right now

I’m guessing you mean that you at-least have the mod?

Try playing it without the mod(move it somewhere probably)
If the mod uses overrides I’d imagine it effecting other factions

indeed, I do have it, I’ll try deleting then

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yup, bastioneers mod overwrites the ui for other races too, I’m getting with the mod natallium in my ascendancy gameplay.

you are getting the same issue?

It’s probably a good sign though, we have a solution right?

Don’t know about the missing hearthlings, but I mine minerals of the mod and suddenly I got the intromessage from the bastioneer expeditions., so I’m sure it has to be the mod. Move it to another folder if you’re playing ascendancy or rayya’s children.

deleted neers mod, problem solved

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This is fixe din the most recent version of bastioneers, which you can redownload. Sorry for the inconveniences :frowning:

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