Only 5 harthlings for some reason

so i was messing with mods and when I tried to start a new game for some reason I would only get 5 hearthlings. no clue which mod it was and I have been deleting some mods but i cant seem to get the 2 hearthlings back. Here are my mods: archipelago biome mod, piles plus, easy mode different, miner profession, extended buffs duration, important moods, locks of many clothing, lorkies biome, brewery mod, better storage, specialized load out, armis maxamis, settlement decor, stonehearth cafe.

hey @B233masterchief,

in the latest unstable build the team decided to switch from 7 to 5, so it’s not a bug with your game or a problem with a mod


thanks i guess I missed that.

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no problem, don’t think it was mentioned directly in the patch notes, but it was mentioned in another thread (can’t seem to find it now though)

Edit: oh, nvm, it’s mentioned in the 24.6 release notes at the end of the bit about re-embarking