I believe I have a bug, but I'm not entirely sure. I don't have any daily updates, so I'm kinda stuck with 5 Hearthlings. Please help!

Summary: Um, I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I have not been able to get any new hearthlings as the daily update has not been happening.

Steps to reproduce: I don’t believe there are any? But this is all I have really been doing so…

  1. Start a new game
  2. End up deleting saves and essentially going back in time
  3. I’m not sure what else.

Expected Results: Being able to have more than 5 hearthlings.

Actual Results: I seem to be forever stuck with 5 hearthlings.

Notes: Here is my user ID if that helps, I don’t have much other information as there are no errors popping up. ( 594cdf6a-20b6-11e7-8926-3497f6d884ee ) Also, I am on Alpha 24.8.1.

Version Number and Mods in use: Other than Debug tools, none.

System Information: I don’t think you’d need my system info for this?

Is this a savegame from before the A24.8? If so, there was a bug that has since been fixed that caused a campaigns (including daily update) to stop. Games started in 24.8 or later should not exhibit this behavior. If this game was started after A24.8, please upload your savefile and we’ll take a look.

This happened with a new multiplayer game in A24.8 (pre-24.8.1) that I started with a friend in the Canyon biome. We played for about 12 days, never getting the prompt. We started doing the “add_citizen” console command to manually grow our towns, but eventually just made a new game in the Desert biome, where town growth worked fine for us.

The save is from A24.8.1 I believe. I’m not entirely sure though, sorry for my noob-ness.

(Also, how would I upload a save file? Sorry!)

I might also just make a new game to see if I can get daily updates there.

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In stonehearth steam folder there is a folder called saved games I think, in there should be your saves, I’m not sure how to see which is which though, maybe by date modified

Alright, thanks.

Also, I made a new game and now it I’m getting the daily updates. Thanks for the help though!

That happened to a game we started last night, everyone was already in 24.8.1

The interesting thing is that we did get a daily update but then the game crashed. The last autosave was very recent tho, so we hosted it again and that is when the bug started and we stopped getting daily updates (including the one before the crash, it never happened after re-loading)

I’ll ask the host for the save file