A20 - A21 Old loads not working with new alpha

I had a wonderful settlement going on from A20 but when I moved it to A21 the hearthlings froze and I got a bunch of not working block messages so my entire game is super slow but the frames are still relatively high. The people just run and move slowly and I can’t do anything. It might be because the people don’t have traits as they are from the old version. Is there any way I can continue my save or is it gone forever.

It should work. I have a save game that is being run since a17.

Do you use mods? Maybe update them would fix the issue.

If you want, you can post your save game here so other people can check what is wrong.


I don’t use any mods ill try to upload my save file later today

@Pastersnackss any updates? Are you still getting errors?

I demolished a building and everything unfroze yeah it’s fixed they still don’t have traits though

Yeah, hearthlings from a previous alpha won’t have any traits, only new hearthlings you get (or hearthlings on a new game) will have.

Glad you managed to fix it.

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