Suggestion: New game plus

Having an option to start a new map, taking your Hearthlings with you. (Like they’re migrating.)
Sometimes I just want to start a fresh design but I want to keep my Hearthlings and their trained skills.

So what if they could all decide to pick up and move? (They could probably only take as much as they can carry)

Would also be awesome if we could also change difficulty, but that’s debatable.


Lol, I thought you meant

from rocket beans tv

But an idea which is interesting.
Maybe with a random component, that sometimes you get an old buddy on the choose your hearthlings screen.

Sounds like a pretty fun thing to have. But for it to be a logical step to migrate would mean that the new location is worth moving to. So the new location would need to be so much better that it’s worth leavung your fine comfy bed for.
Or something needs to happen to your current location to make living there not so fun.

Not having one of these would mean the Hearthlings would simply mean they move because the player wants them to, which doesn’t feel like the immersive gameplay Stonehearth wants to deliver

If you really need a reason for your Hearthlings to move I’m sure you can activate one in a story. Say a meteor hits or something. You don’t have to reach too far to make something happen when you hit the “new game plus” button.
(Or maybe even a civil war where you only take some who are outcast)

This would give so many more hours of game play time for almost no work. And make it easier to be emotionally attached to specific Hearthlings over many games.

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