Repeat Goblin raids and no army

Playing as the northern folk in the snow region, makes it basically impossible to survive. To get any defense you need to get the carpenter, and get him to level 4, which takes a really long time, before you have a chance to get there, you get repeated raid parties that destroy all your stockpiles. With no way of defending yourself because alert mode doesn’t prompt the people to attack the intruders, but instead they cover. At this point all your stockpiles are empty and all your people are dead, and you basically need to start over. Either the progression for the northern people to any defense is too long, or the raiding parties need to stop after destroying like one stockpile.

Temporary fix for you: store your shit in boxes, or wall of your storage (two pix high, one thick) and add a door.

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If you use the Debug Tools mod with Item Stamper, you can place down a bow job talisman, make sure to choose it as Iconic.
It may be the easiest way to get your army going. Or else, I think the devs recommended starting with a loadout that has a Bow talisman, 2 choices: Hunting Party, and Merchant Caravan.

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My first game as the Northern Folk went something similar.
The best option is to go with Hunting Party, there’s plenty of game and food is never really a problem, a 10x10 hunting grid will easily feed 5 people.
2 Bows to start means that progression is easily possible.
Another thing to remember is that if you want a crafter to level up quickly a high mind helps, someone at 6 mind will learn a lot faster than someone at 3 and so on.