Alpha 9 Unstable: Bugs and Needed Improvements

1.Goblins sometimes spawn with weapons on the ground, the chieftan armor, and camps that have 3 levels.
2. Villagers don’t follow party orders unless they are footmen.
3. Sometimes goblins infinitely spawn from the campfire.
4. You can’t close the goblin speech tab sometimes.
5. Goblin camps can spawn in bad places and end up being split into 2-4 areas.
6. Sometimes goblin items spawn on the ground.
7. You can move the goblin campfire.

Needed Improvements:

  1. Goblins are way to hard. I had a camp appear on day 2. They only gave me half a day to get them stuff, so I failed. That was the end of Cherry.
  2. Marauder goblins should take way more hammer swings to destroy an item, not just 3.

Phew, that was a lot.
Hope this helps! :smile:

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Plattform: Steam or Humble Bunde (Installer or Zip)
System: x86 or x64
Release Number (Startscreen left bottom):
Do you have delete all old files after update and activate x64 in the settings?

those bugs must be random as i havent experienced those… BUT what i have noticed it some red windowed text which are obviously bug strings, which have not effected me in anyway that know… but what i also have noticed… is that MY goblins (if i can call them mine lol) only steal stone and make fires with them which last for only 2 seconds lol

Setup: ASUS M11AD… i5 quad core… 2.87 GHZ… 8 Gb ram… Radeon R7 240, PSU: 360W

i have not noticed any stutter/lag… am also using (X64 setting) steam version

and my windows is 8.1 x64

Goblins are much harder now, but I was able to (first thing) build a wall across my camp early on. Before I had it built, though, I had goblins coming out of my ears. I put the whole town on defense mode and took care of each group that came along.

Finally, I was able to finish my camp wall and it let me take a breather and build up my footmen a bit. After a couple days, I rallied everyone together and went into the goblin camp (after taking out most of their guys during a raid). Took the chief out and his henchmen without too much difficulty.

Went back to camp and without a chief, and no ladder into camp, don’t see many goblins now, though I do see them spawn over those skulls in their camp. - nice touch!

But yeah, they’re a bit too hard and a bit too much trouble so early on. I felt like I was in ‘hard’ mode. Great fun though.

Yeah, I’m using 64-bit.

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Updated bug list and took off lag bug! (I fixed it.)