Goblin Camp Spawning Underwater

Day 12, My town has about 11-12 hearthlings. I completely wiped out the first Goblin camp, then I got a warning about Wolf trainers, and pre-emptively wiped out a small camp with three wolves and two little goblins that spawned in the same locale as the first camp. So far so good.

But then a third goblin camp spawned in the middle of a lake, and the error messages started cascading. The water routines couldn’t resolve properly around the goblin camp. The game hung when I tried to save, but I did get a screenshot.

D’oh! Unfortunately, I can’t upload the screenshot because I’m a “new user”… OK, I’ve been around since the Kickstarter, but didn’t register for the discussion boards until now. Sorry about that.

I hope this isn’t a duplicate topic. I tried to check, and found some goblin camp errors, and Hearthlings spawning underwater, but not this specific bug.

I really wish there was a picture XD


Post it to imgr and link it here. @SteveAdamo can then embed it.


The image isn’t terribly exciting or amusing. Basically all the water has disappeared, so the camp is just sitting on the lakebed where the water used to be. The error messages indicate that the water image routines couldn’t resolve.

But that’s the part that helps the devs. If you show the error messages, it shows what lines are problems.

Yes, I recognize that. I’ve trying to report as much as I can as best I can. The error message window didn’t show up in the screenshot, and I couldn’t get a full screenie using my paint program (I just got a black window), so I’m doing the best I can based on what I was able to record.

One additional important detail: Earlier in the game, I’d cut a short moat, stretching from the lake to the cliff wall. I’d built a ladder running down into the lake, so my miners could get back out after cutting the moat, and I’d left the ladder there. I don’t know if that might have had an impact in the Goblin Spawn generation or not, but I thought it might be an important detail. The Goblin Camp did spawn fairly close to the ladder and the moat.

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If you use the Steam Version, you can press F12 and screenshot it. But thank you for trying none the less.