Houses, Settlers, and Logs

I am sure that many of these bugs have already been reported, but here is what I have found.

Houses stop building after settlers go sit around the fire at night. In the morning, no one remembers they are supposed to build house and it is never built past the state it was in when nighttime came. I then try marking out another one, and the game crashes.-This is the only bug I really have a problem with, as it stops me from really creating a proper village.

Sometimes when I chop down a tree, nobody comes to get the wood, even when a stockpile has space or a house needs wood.-This one could just be a lack of priority, so not a definite bug.

Settlers randomly rearrange things in stockpiles, picking them up and then dropping them down again. Placing a new stockpile delays the problem, but does not fix it.

Settlers will sometimes freeze up when they pick up a block of log from a stockpile. They will usually stay stuck until they go to sleep or go to eat berries.

Hope this can help, this game has a lot of potential.

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Yep I have encountered all of the issues in this post myself.

I’ve indeed noticed these as well ^_^!

thanks for the reports @coolbrowndog… but remember, its best to log each bug in its own separate thread, and to provide as much information as possible, to help radiant resolve the issue that much quicker…

feel free to refer here for more information… thanks!

My little guys build houses (except the roof) but they misunderstood something, now they’re sleeping “inside” the house. Well, they worked hard. How long will it take until I can build the roof?

I dunno… I see this as a good thing… :smile:

well, we know there new (and more complete) building plans in the works… I wager this would be tackled as the entire building mechanic is updated…