Logpiles won't undeploy

After creating a log pile in hopes of making a trading stall, the carpenter placed it but didn’t put it in the stockpile. I moved it in the open because I thought it might be a bug with the pile spawning in a wall. The hearthlings moved the pile to where I wanted it like normal, but wouldn’t pick it up and place it in a stockpile. It is now sitting in the open with the undeploy icon hanging above it.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. create a log pile
  2. place the log pile
  3. try to undeploy the log pile

Expected Results:
The log pile will just sit there and no hearthlings with undeploy it.
Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15, no mods
System Information:

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Experienced the same thing. I’ve found a possible reason for this. Do you have filters enabled for your stockpile?
Idk why, but if a stockpile is with enabled filters (i.e. it accepts not just anything but only certain items), the piles (not just log pile but any other, too) can not be removed as the heartlings think there is no spare place to keep them in.

Try creating a new stockpile place accepting any item, it should help.

This is still a bug as it seems a pile is classified incorrectly and is not considered a resource (and as such not kept in a stockpile with the appropriate filter enabled).

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I only have the wealth filter disabled in my stockpiles, and I have several chests that are open to everything. I’ll try again and see if they put the log pile in one of my chests though.

You have to harvest the new stockpiles. =)