All freely placeable items need the buttons to move/undeploy

As the title says, everything that can be placed manually should be able to be moved or undeployed again afterwards. I noticed this problem after fumbling a second click after placing a tunnel door (in this case clay, but it’s the same for all other tunnel doors, too).

Please see screenshot:

The only way for me to rescue the looks of the neighborhood was to semi-cheat using the “destroy” console command… :cry:


Stone and wood piles have the “undeploy” button but hearthlings never actually undeploy them, have to harvest them to get rid of them.

I believe they ARE undeploy-able, but filters have something to do with it. Needs more testing Logpiles won't undeploy

The problem with doors remains, though.

Thanks for the bug report. A fix for tunnel doors not being placeable will be in the next build.

Piles should be deployable, but there must a storage space in order for your hearthlings to try to undeploy and restock it. A fix for pile stockpile filters will be included as well.


I’m not sure if that was a typo, but to clarify: all doors were perfectly placeable, I just couldn’t undeploy or move them after placing them first.


My bad! I meant tunnel doors will now be undeployable/movable after placed.