Other logs have a generic menu image

Both acacia logs and cactus logs have a generic log image in both the town inventory and trader menus, as shown in these screenshots:

I'm guessing at some point a generic log mixin replaced the images.

There’s also a difference in the number of acacia logs shown in the town inventory vs available to sell in the trader menu, but I don’t really care about that.

Version: 1.0? (I’m not seeing the release number anywhere anymore, and… wow, that’s more emotional than I thought I’d get writing a bug report.)

I’ve played this game for much of the Beta, so it’s possible that it’s a bug from loading the save in later updates.

Mods: Autoharvest

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Actually, all the logs manually trace back to the same log.png a folder back. It’s weird but I noticed that recently as well, when making the birch log. Seems intended, to have them have a “wood resource” standard image of sorts.

On this topic, palm logs have a completely wrong framing. When used, it appears minuscule near the other icons. (In Archipelago I simple override this image to fix it)

Ah. I’m fairly sure it wasn’t like this originally, though - I seem to remember them having different images.

Unfortunately, I’m not in the business of taking pictures of the inventory window in each update, so… I don’t know. The only screenshot I’ve found with a log visible in inventory probably predates the desert entirely:

…well, that brings me back. Companion cubes, chat log, totally different UI, missing icons, a random drawn icon, the weaver (probably new), owned workbenches, fences only recently gone.

Pardon me while I have another ẁ̶o͢͠r̨͡͞d̀s͠͡ ͘ţ͟h̵҉a̵t̡͠ ̛҉͟c̢̨à̀n҉’t̀ ̧b̶e h̀҉̢ę̕a̸͏̵r̴d ̢͡ţh̴ŗ̴͟ough̶̵͡ ̸a҉ ̧͢͠m҉͢u̕͞g҉͏̨ ̷̧̛o͟f̀͝ ̨͜͠b̀̕ér̶ŕ͏y҉̶ ̛͜ju̡͠i̵̕͝c̕͞e


I don’t quite remember, but possibly it was changed. But definitely intentional since the old images are not even in the game files anymore. I do think it’s meant to “standarize” their looks as “wood resource” sort of - but indeed looks weird on shops and stuff.

We could maybe revert that change in ACE, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

They were always that way. And I do not think it is intended as many other resources have specific icons. Fiber for example, there are 4(?). All the herbs, etc…

Having each wood with its own icon would be cool:



By intended I mean that it wasn’t a mixin replacing their unique images or anything like that, it’s just how they are :stuck_out_tongue:

And yeah, we can definitely add that to ACE. Would take only a few minutes, I’ll do it now :merry:

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@coasterspaul Here you go, it will be up on the next commit - angle is the same used by the default log image :smiley:


PS: Took the liberty to create a visual for the Juniper log since it was the same as the Oak.
Poor Juniper :forlorn:


I love it already :jubilant:

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I like it! /smashes mug