What do i use Oak logs for?

Because my carpenters seems to refuse to use Oak logs when crafting stuff.
So i don’t know what else to use them for then to sell them.

he should use them. are they in a stockpile or crate?

if you dont have any juniper logs your carpenter should use oak logs, its strange that they prioritize them in that way though.

essentially oak and juniper logs are the same thing though.

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both junip and oak are in crates

if he’s using juniper it’s not a problem. once you run out he’ll use oak, like crab said they’re the same thing functionally

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I had 1 Junip and 150+ Oak logs when trying to craft some large crates.
And my carpenter refused to make any crates.
I even made two more carpenters and tried making other stuff. but they all refused to do any work.
That was untill i gathered more Junip logs, then they started working like normal (still not touching the Oak logs thought)

try crafting something else, it might just be a bug in the crates recipe where only junip can be used.

i did try almost everything else. nothing worked.

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hmm… strange,

paging @sdee, have any changes been made to recipe files in A 11?

also, can anyone else confirm this? or is it only @crim having this problem.

I have had the same issue, I remember having thought it might be a game feature and - future to be implemented - items would be crafted out of Oak logs.

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I’m not seeing this happen in a test game I ran through. The hearthlings had no problem building with oak logs or juniper logs and sometimes would use both. They could get them out of crates without any bias either.

I wonder what else is happening in these games.

How did you get the oak logs in the first place? Just chopping down trees?

Do you have any mods installed?

Have you run an integrity check on your game files with steam?

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Logs were acquired by chopping them down.
No mods. Pure vanilla.

I just ran an integrity check, and one file was indeed damaged/bad.

Im a bit too tired right now to start up the game and start checking if this has solved the problem.
But Il do so as soon as Iv gotten some sleep.


I usually chop down a big area for building and then further continue to get my resources from trade ( 1 gold piece per Wood / 2 gold pieces per Stone which is much cheaper than destroying the environment )

I am though unsure which ( chopped or bought ) were the actual logs not being used.

The event was noticed not when building but when willing to manufacture goods.
I will try to reproduce it and come back once I have better understanding of what I believe to have experienced.

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