Mining Zone Error + Various bugs

Every time I load my new game, it comes up with the error message as follows:
(Note: This occurs on both x64 bit and x32 bit)
(Note²: Being a new member I apparently can’t post images. So I spaced the link(Sorry if this breaches?). I figure it’s easier to show the error, rather than to muddle around trying to explain. :confused: )

Other Bugs that seem consistent in my game (and I’m only at day 3 :confused: ) is that the villagers don’t seem to be functioning properly. Every time the problem is fixed by reloading the game, but they quickly fall back into a state of potato.
Sometimes they will stand around feeling hungry and not eat (even though the food is right next to them)
The building on the left of the image provided they refuse to finish building (even if I click “Build” on it again)
The carpenter idles a lot even though he has many tasks in queue (although I think I saw something in these forums which brought that matter up, probably to do with the mason tools)

The error said “Category Severe” (I assume that’s what it is. I’m far from savvy with script, codes and errors. ^_^; ) so I figured I should throw the screeny as well as what ever issues may (or may not) be related to it, that I’ve experienced concurrently in this game.

Note: This world was made about half an hour ago. So it’s fresh with the new patch.

hey there @Wuelfe … welcome aboard! :smile:

fixed… :wink:

Cheers, mate! :smile:

Also, just another side note to this: I made a new world, and it works fine(so far. Checked this in case it was just my install). But I still have the save of the error world sitting around for the time being in case I’m required to go back and check it in order to assist further with other details. (Assuming that glitch that wipes game saves doesn’t leap back in at me again ^_^; )

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just wondering (although i get no red text) if this is related to my bugs which is found here

Hearthlings don't want to finish mining ??

@Barney324 It looks very similar. Although I didn’t try the “N” function. Didn’t even know about it. Heh.
Although I see no mention of the error message in your post, so the halt in mining may be unrelated to the mining zone component error.