Continuation of previous game

Since update I can no longer sell any items from the mason or the blacksmith, AI cannot continue jobs, even those on work benches or mining. Engine errors continue. Saving and restarting does not always help.

I will try a new town

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Since which update? Did you opt in the beta releases? If so, they could have new bugs.

I did and I expect them that is why I was posting the ones I am finding here.

Well if you ever see error messages, please screenshot them and upload them to imgur and link them here, that way the people who know how to read those errors can figure out what’s going on.

I’ll try but the boxes are so small I can’t read them with my glasses on.

But in the computer we can try zooming in the images :wink:

By the way, usually when the game updates, old saves become incompatible. These few last builds it seems that they maintained the compatibility, but they are not bug free and there might be some issues.

So, anything that you can report is useful to the devs :smile: