Rather Large Error

I am unsure what causes this error its the latest build

I’m getting the same error I think. The text is a bit small for me to read.

Latest build being 2193 x32.

I’ve a couple of those “Lease”(?) errors as well:

Also latest build 2193 x32

Do these errors all appear roughly at the same time suddenly? Maybe after you tell them to remove an item?

Yes, most of the time that is what causes it, in my case when I first start a game, I have one stockpile, then expand that to eventually 4, happens when I have hearthlings sorting it all out OR will happen when mining and all the little folks are gathering up the stone/ores

I am not sure 100% could be but I only had at the time one storage area and then added another with no error then out of the blue it appeared

Yeah I just replicated your error. Have an item placed, tell them to remove it and you’ll have multiple villagers go after it causing an error after the first one because the item is no longer there. But that’s just a manual way to produce it, it should be produced if the AI decides they should all go pick up the same berries or something too. All seems to be tied to the broken pathfinding that came up in r2193.