Unknown Problem


Here is a Picture … :


You should be able to directly link the picture to make it easier for both other users and radiant to see by just dragging it into the text bar.

Now back OT. I think this is an error I’ve gotten many times but haven’t seen anything happen but it might have something to do with the thoughts in the bottom right corner.
Edit: Added Pictures on how to add pictures


I edited the OP (removed the quotes, so that discourse could capture the image path)…

@EXAgent97, can you provide any other details on this issue? perhaps what led up to it?


Actually I’m not sure but, Maybe It’s because I’ve ordered to Harvest the Berry Bushes a lot in the Same time I mean I used the Harvest Zone you know …
So one of the Settlers Stocked to the Bush and Kept Moving to It’s Direction … I’m sorry for this Bad Expression … Also I’m not sure if this is the Reason … but As you see on the Picture … Just look for the Mouse Courser or Maybe the Glow on the Settler next the Berry Bush … I’m sorry again for my Bad English … :slight_smile:


not a problem! and thanks for the follow-up… :+1: