Some problems (see image)

@Sdee, this is for you! :wink:

Here is a save file with at least 3 oddities; take a look at the following pict:

In green in the far, hearhtlings have some trouble with the loot function. They drop back what was on ground previously. I fear a pathfinder issue.

In red, heartlings do not take the wood to a crate just below, perhas also a pathfinder issue.

In blue, the shepherd do not bring any rabbits or sheeps into the pastures.


Also after a while the UI freeze (nothing respond) while the engine seems totally OK.


Belatedly, thank you! We’ll take a look!


Not sure you will get the same issues with 2620 nevertheless I think the loot issue and globally the indecision of the hearhtlings is still present. And all this may be related to the test Tommy was doing in his last stream…