[Dup] [Dev 2630] experimental pathfinder/AI issue

I activated the experimental AI and pathfinders seeing as the other major bugs seem to be worked out or in the process of being worked out already for this build. I’ve been spending time assigning tasks and observing their behaviours fairly closely to help identify eccentricities and quirks.

I’ll continue to add to the thread if I notice anything else with the pathfinder or AI. Everybody else, please feel free to add things you have noticed and/or any work-arounds you come up with :smile:

Back on topic; the only thing I have noticed so far is a habit of not navigating corners very well. After spending some time watching a few get stuck and how they get stuck, it seems as though the pathfinder is setting the path according to the exact center point of the hearthling and not allowing for the neccessary room for the body to navigate the corner. (ie- shoulder/chest hits the wall as it tries to pass and gets hung up. observing this happen, the centerline is always on course to just barely pass the corner with half the hearthling body colliding with the wall)

A quik workaround if you have hung hearthlings is to use the “reset” command in the console. It usually takes 2-3 tries to get the hearthling moved over enough to clear the corner but it hasn’t failed to work yet :slight_smile:

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