[Dev3010] Odd Pathing Stuck Issues

Twice now I’ve had hearthlings get ‘stuck’ for no apparent reason. Unlike the common version, where the hearthling just seems to stay ‘idle’ a few moments too long but then goes on their merry way, this one doesn’t seem to resolve until you reload the game (and then it’s fine). The stonehearth.log message at least makes it humorous - “EVERYTHING IS BROKEN! =(”. I haven’t seen this happen before, and since now I’ve seen it twice in 3010, I figured I should post what I had, even if it’s not much.

The much-repeated error message is:
2016-06-15 15:19:47.244140 | server | 0 | simulation.pathfinder.astar (910690 Edwyne Ember 445) bfs @ (-245.00, 72.00, -148.00) (bfs)(src) | (910690 Edwyne Ember 445) | could not find subspace for starting point (-245.00, 72.00, -148.00). EVERYTHING IS BROKEN! =(

I’m hoping the log file will be useful, as I really don’t have much I can usefully provide about the circumstances:

First instance (not in log file): I’d set two berry bushes to get moved. Once both were in their new locations, I noticed a Worker was idling there - I don’t know if she’d moved the bush or not, but she was standing /on top of/ the bush. The bush was on the highest surface around, and the only other nearby object was the other bush, so no way to have ‘come down onto’ it. Save/Load and she moved off it fine. Looked at the log file and confirmed it was an error, but didn’t think to save the log file to share ><

Second instance (this log file & screenshot): Constructing a building overhanding a cliff, it’s got a mess of ladders (some as part of the scaffolding, some manually placed). Found a Worker idling 1 tile from the top of one of the ladders, seemingly the same as the First instance had been. Checked the log, appeared to be the same error. I did at least get a screenshot, in case it provides anything helpful, and to show there’s no “obvious” reason for him to seem stuck. Upon reloading the save, he moved fine - no initial teleport or the like, just climbed down and walked away. The on-load log file didn’t appear to have anything notable.

I kept the save (4MB rar’d), in case it would be useful.


stonehearth_3010_pathingProblems.log (689.9 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Dev3010, no mods. No legacy content, either (new-for-3010 world, no blueprints used).

System Information:
Win 7, 64-bit, GTX460.

Edit - I found the log error message in an older (3008) log file, part of an instance where the game had frozen for ~45 seconds while writing that error out 65 times over ~15 seconds of it, but after it recovered I immediately saved and reloaded, so I don’t know if hearthling was similarly ‘stuck’.