Dancing Hearthlings

Title: Hearthlings occasionally get stuck in place and jerk around a little

Summary: Pretty much, it looks like their pathfinding is bugging out or something similar, because, in the past two saves I’ve had, hearthlings would pick a couple areas of the map that they would always get stuck on. They get stuck there, and attempt to use their walking animations I think, but it is very jerky.
They just kind of stay there for a while. They break free eventually, and resetting them manually through console commands doesn’t help, They always run right back into the spot and stick again.

Here is an image of two hearthlings in the sticking spot

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a new game
  2. ???

Expected Results: Hearthlings walk around and behave like normal

Actual Results: Flypaper flashmobs, apparently

Notes: I don’t know why it has just started doing this now. (Was there an update to the unstable in the past few days? I never check the version number so I don’t know.) But it has done it for the past two save files I’ve had. I’ll upload both if that helps any.

Attachments: 1451524860142.zip (4.9 MB) 1451615967255.zip (4.3 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:

latest, no mods

System Information:

Windows 10, intel HD, laptop panel


(Sorry, no suggestions for this one, but thanks for the report!)